Chicopee Comprehensive High comparison creates gift to assistance cancer patients with schoolwork

May 15, 2017 - School Supplies

CHICOPEE – When her comparison cousin fell ill with non-Hodgkin lymphoma years ago, Vidhi Patel watched as he struggled to keep adult with schoolwork while being treated for cancer.

“He had to skip propagandize for months,” she said. “It was tough to know what was function in your subjects and we skip out on your friends and after-school activities.”

Vidhi Patel 

Her cousin, who was 12 during a time, is now healthy and a college student. But saying him perplexing to change schoolwork while he was ill left a durability sense on her.

Now a 17-year-old Comprehensive High School senior is building a charity, called Cancer Patient Succeed, to assistance children like her cousin keep adult with their preparation while fighting illness.

Her initial pierce is to collect donations of propagandize reserve to emanate baskets filled with a materials students need while perplexing to investigate outward school. She is operative with schoolmates, friends and family to collect donations of materials, as good as regulating some of her possess income to buy supplies.

Patel shortly hopes to start handing the baskets out during hospitals and clinics to children who need them.

“I need binders and notebooks and crayons and other things depending on a age of a children. we would have some toys in there, things to make it fun,” she said.

Anyone meddlesome in contributing to a plan can hit Patel during 

As time continues, Patel would like to enhance a gift to bond proffer tutors with students who need some additional assistance with their schoolwork.

“A tyro articulate to another tyro is a best, we think,” she said.

Patel would know, given she volunteered for some time to mentor her neighbor’s children a few years ago.

Patel is streamer to a University of Massachusetts Amherst after her Jun graduation to investigate domestic science, and eventually she skeleton to go to law school. While in college she pronounced she wants to continue to rise a gift and start a module to get students to proffer as tutors for cancer patients.

Now she is starting to hit hospitals and other medical comforts to see how to broach a propagandize reserve and find out how to set adult a education program.

“There is a reason this lady is winning scholarships,” Guidance Counselor Robin Kenney-Bineau said. “She is a good child and a tough workman and she deserves all a accolades.”

This week Patel was astounded with a $1,500 college grant from Berkshire Bank since of her good grades and proffer efforts.

“One of her traits is she is really modest. we did not learn about her gift until she was requesting for scholarships,” Kenney-Bineau said.

Along with operative to emanate a charity, Patel is also a member of a National Honor Society, a Student Council and was named to a school’s Student Leadership Team. She also was a member of a lane group in her beginner year and helped her father during his store.

She is a daughter of Raju and Usha Patel and has a brother, Pratham Patel, who is finishing his beginner year during Comprehensive High.

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