Chicken and dumplings fundraiser for propagandize supplies

June 23, 2015 - School Supplies

The Centenary United Methodist Church hold their 2nd annual duck and dumplings for propagandize reserve fundraiser Saturday.

Church member Jeff Jeude pronounced he creatively done dumplings for 276 people and they ran out so he had to hurl out some more.

“It’s only freewill donation, so people can give what they feel like or what they can,” pronounced Jeude. “For a initial time this year we are charity solidified packages so people can take them home and put them in a freezer. (The church has) been doing a giveaway propagandize reserve module for about 6 years now and final year we motionless to do a fundraiser to help.”

Jeude pronounced they done duck and dumplings final year with his grandma’s recipe and she was famous for her duck and dumplings. They lifted around $1,500 final year and Jeude hopes they during slightest strech that this year.

“The giveaway propagandize reserve day will be hold on Aug. 1 this year and it’s for families that don’t validate for a East Missouri Action Agency program,” pronounced Jeude. “I consider we served 500 students final year and they were offering giveaway haircuts, lice checks and breakfast was served. This year we are anticipating to have St. Francois County D.A.R.E Officer Deputy Carver on palm that day, as good as some of a propagandize counselors to speak with a kids.”

The Men’s Club lifted $700 with a pancake breakfast fundraiser they hold recently to advantage a propagandize supply module and church members ceaselessly minister to a cause.

The church is always usurpation donations for a propagandize supply day, they accept anything from one notepad to a backpack. Donations can be forsaken off during a church bureau anytime it is open. Whatever they don’t have adequate of they will squeeze with a income donations and income lifted by their fundraisers.

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