CFHS students lift 500 pounds of propagandize reserve for Houston school

December 1, 2017 - School Supplies

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff Writer

Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School clergyman KC MacDonald wanted to do something to assistance after Hurricane Harvey. With a assistance of students during his possess propagandize and others in a district, he motionless to lift and send propagandize reserve to a propagandize in need.

“When we started this project, we suspicion we would usually get a integrate of boxes, (and) send a things by mail and warn some school,” he said.

Jessup Elementary fourth graders helped get reserve out of a trailer. Photo includes Texas Veterans, Jessup Elementary Principal, propagandize advisor and KC MacDonald. Courtesy photo.

But 500 pounds of propagandize reserve later, his suspicion had grown into something wholly different. When promulgation a reserve by mail was no longer an option, a new step in a suspicion materialized: get together a network of veterans to expostulate a reserve in a U-Haul from Idaho to Texas.

“It is extraordinary what people will do to assistance others,” Mac said. “I am altered perpetually by a suspicion that crazy ideas can turn a reality.”

MacDonald was in Houston during Jessup Elementary when a propagandize reserve were delivered. He pronounced a caring he and his students wanted to communicate was apparent to Jessup’s students and staff.

“It is not about markers, pencils or paper,” MacDonald said. “They know people from all over a United States caring about them and what they went through.”

CFHS’s students perceived updates as a propagandize reserve done their journey, and MacDonald pronounced a earnest of their act of affability was not mislaid on them.

“I have seen some things from the students that have blown my mind,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald pronounced he hopes to revisit Jessup Elementary “from time to time.”

“I invited them all to come revisit the small square of heaven,” he added.

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