Centennial Arts Academy to assistance Dunwoody propagandize after fire

January 26, 2015 - School Supplies

After a glow suspiciously started in a Dunwoody kindergarten classroom, some-more than half a propagandize was shop-worn by flame, smoke, H2O and soot.

Fairington Elementary School in DeKalb County desperately needs propagandize reserve after a glow that started a dusk of Jan. 17. A group of some-more than 100 workers have been operative 24-hour shifts to correct a repairs to a building, yet most will still be blank when students lapse to propagandize today.

Centennial Arts Academy in Gainesville wants to help.

“I listened about Fairington’s need for reserve on Tuesday morning,” pronounced Dallas Thompson, fifth- class clergyman during Centennial. “A crony of cave posted a summary on Facebook revelation people about a fire. She volunteers there frequently and pronounced she was ravaged by a news.”

Thompson and expertise during Centennial are organizing a propagandize reserve expostulate for Fairington. So far, they have collected books, cover paper, crayons and other diverse supplies, yet they are anticipating to get more.

“I have always attempted to incorporate use projects in my classroom, and we knew that this would be a good event for my students to assistance their students,” Thompson said. “Many other teachers during Centennial attend in use projects, so we non-stop it adult for other classrooms who wanted to help.”

Thompson’s fifth-graders wrote letters home to parents, revelation them about a news and seeking for new or kindly used books and supplies.

Thompson pronounced this plan feels no opposite from others her students have done, including assisting a homeless and promulgation caring packages to soldiers.

“I unequivocally adore a fact that this plan is an instance of students assisting other students,” she said.

The Parent Teacher Organization during Dunwoody Elementary School and DeKalb County’s bureau of a Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice are also assisting collect propagandize reserve for Fairington.

“I am shamed and unapproachable of a offers of support and support from a District and outward DeKalb County,” pronounced Michael Thurmond, superintendent of DeKalb County Schools, in a news release. “This is a sign that we are all partial of a village of learners who caring for any other.”

North Georgia residents who wish to assistance Fairington can dump propagandize reserve during Centennial, 852 Century Place, Gainesville, c/o Thompson’s classroom. She is convention boxes to dump during Fairington when it reopens.

Her students are also essay letters of support and sketch cinema for a students during a Dunwoody school.

“Even yet we aren’t really tighten to Fairington, we wish to teach a adore for assisting others in my students,” Thompson said. “We are all one large tellurian community, and we consider we should assistance anyone whom we are means to help.”

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