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April 24, 2015 - School Supplies

When Dylan Corbett and Danika Gagnon motionless to start a association in 2013, they concluded it should do some-more than
generate profit. The dual friends sketched out a devise to emanate a socially obliged wardrobe code that would
make some arrange of disproportion in a world.

When Mr. Corbett went on a backpacking trip
through Africa final open and volunteered with an after-school soccer module in a Gatina slums of Nairobi,
they found it.

“I was vacant by a certain impact this internal gift had, with their
limited resources,” recalls Mr. Corbett, 26, who has an undergraduate business grade and works as an engineering
technologist in Fort McMurray, Alta. The organization, a Gatina Youth and Empowerment Program, uses competition to
promote values such as co-operation, tolerance, integrity and discipline. It also runs a plantation to grow vegetables to
sell during a internal market, says Ms. Gagnon, 28, who has a credentials in communications and works as a media
relations officer in Ottawa.

Last October, Mr. Corbett and Ms. Gagnon fake a partnership and shaped the Hunger Republic, an
Ottawa-based online attire association that provides assist to communities in need for each object sold.

The funds
for a startup came from Mr. Corbett’s savings, and a dual friends have continued to work full-time in their
jobs. It cost Mr. Corbett and Ms. Gagnon a sum of about $10,000 to launch a business, including website and
logo design, engineer fees and shopping all of a initial apparel. The Hunger Republic’s monthly costs are
especially low, “even for a startup,” Ms. Gagnon says, entrance to about $70 a month. “This is a beauty of being
an businessman in a age of a Internet.”

They combined their trademark by a assistance of a crowdsourcing
website. They grown branded apparatus such as T-shirts, leggings and caps with a internal wardrobe retailer and
printer and combined an e-commerce website on a Shopify platform.

Dylan Corbett, who co-founded a association with supports from his savings, is now a arch executive officer. (THE HUNGER REPUBLIC)

Mr. Corbett, a company’s arch executive
officer, says that each time a patron buys an item, he or she leads a Hunger Republic to make a concession to
help a gift in one of 4 categories: shopping propagandize supplies, sporting apparatus or dishes for a after-
school module or ancillary “community development,” for instance profitable to plant crops on a farm.

“Social shortcoming is apropos increasingly important,” explains Ms. Gagnon, a company’s vice-president
of selling and arch artistic officer.

Appealing to socially unwavering consumers is a business model
that’s worked good for incomparable retailers like TOMS Shoes and Ten Tree Apparel, says Antony Karabus, arch executive
officer of HRC Advisory, a sell consulting organisation formed in Toronto and Chicago.

“It’s impossibly laudable;
I adore what they’re doing,” he says, nonetheless it’s “not nonetheless unequivocally a company,” with a tiny scale, low volume
and minimal overhead. The dual friends contingency continue to means and lift a association in sequence to make an ever-
greater impact as good as profits, he notes.

Michael Mulvey, an assistant
professor of selling in a Telfer School of Management during a University of Ottawa who is an consultant in
consumer behaviour, retailing and branding, says that a Hunger Republic’s business is low-risk and “very
scalable.” While a product offerings are modest, they have a one “minimalist black” look, that is “always
in style” and presents a simple, unchanging brand. “It’s holding a page out of Apple.”

The other side of the
business, a means and a “ideological affinity” of a customers, is also an advantage, Dr. Mulvey says. “The
best patron to have is a one that’s entirely engaged,” that is generally probable by a Internet, but
only if a association can strech people outward of a internal market.

Danika Gagnon, modelling one of a company’s hats, is a other co-founder of a business, and works as a vice-president of selling and arch artistic officer. (THE HUNGER REPUBLIC)

While sales so distant have been modest, a assist supposing by a Hunger Republic is already
apparent in Gatina, says Mr. Corbett.

In a initial 3 months of operation, a association was means to
donate a tiny over 42,200 Kenyan shillings (roughly $550 Canadian) to a charity. “While this might seem like a
modest amount, it authorised them to accomplish a lot of things they wouldn’t have differently been means to do,” Ms.
Gagnon says, such as start a construction of a well, enhance a farm, start a new soccer team, yield school
supplies and dishes for a children, as good as take a teams on highway trips to attend in tournaments outside
of a slums.

The company’s clothing, such as a Caritas Shirt and Extra Mile Leggings, are designed mostly in minimalist black, that is “always in style” according to Michael Mulvey, an partner highbrow of selling in a Telfer School of Management during a University of Ottawa. (THE HUNGER REPUBLIC)

The biggest plea is “to get a name out there,” Ms. Gagnon says.

depend on amicable media to get a word out, for instance related to special events like a annual International Day
of Sport for Development and Peace, though they have no bill to run ads on amicable media.

Mr. Karabus says
that Mr. Corbett and Ms. Gagnon have a choice of stability to run a Hunger Republic “in a tiny way” and
growing incrementally, or “broadening a base,” using a association full-time and lifting some capital, that he
says is expected to come from an financier they know during first.

“To make it into a genuine business it’s going to
cost money,” he comments, starting with profitable for selling efforts on amicable media and afterwards augmenting its
inventory, placement infrastructure and control systems.

Mr. Karabus records that to lift income and
increase sales, Mr. Corbett and Ms. Gagnon also need to uncover that there is governance and burden in the
business, for instance ensuring that donations get to a dictated recipients.

Dr. Mulvey agrees that
transparency is a Achilles heel of many companies that ratify charities. Mr. Corbett and Ms. Gagnon should
develop “metrics of success” and speak about them by anecdotes, such as a series of smiles created, soccer
games played and tummies staid by their efforts.

Also on a selling side, Dr. Mulvey says a Hunger
Republic needs to be “buzz-worthy,” so that “strangers can learn it.” That means they should get a product
and means talked about by bloggers, ragged by celebrities and promoted by opinion leaders, for instance, by telling
their story in a approach that engages people.

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