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October 24, 2014 - School Supplies

Two area businesses teamed to present propagandize reserve to students in need in a College Place School District 250, according to a release.

The brainchild of Danny Johnson, ubiquitous manager of Swire Coca-Cola, and Tony Betzold, manager of College Place Walmart, a companies gave some-more than $2,000 value of reserve that packaged a behind of Danny’s truck.

The materials, mostly notebooks, paper and pencils, will be used opposite a district.

Earlier that day Cathy Mebes, College Place High School secretary, and Danny picked out wardrobe equipment during a store to yield to high propagandize kids as a need arises. Tim Payne, superintendent, and Kirk Jameson, principal of CPHS, supposed a contributions.

“We were so anxious about this concession and a munificence of these dual village members,” Tim said.

“People forget that kids only wish to come to propagandize and learn, and when they don’t have a simple materials to do so it can impede their ability to focus, as good as make them feel opposite or less-than their peers.”

Swire Coca-Cola and a internal group support girl and educational opportunities in a Valley, pronounced Danny.

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