Bulletproof Backpacks: A Must-Have for Back-to-School in 2018?

August 15, 2018 - School Supplies

Shopping for back-to-school reserve tends to embody equipment like pens and notebooks. But with propagandize shootings an increasingly common regard for teachers and students, some relatives are determining to get their kids bulletproof backpacks.

Between 2000 and 2013, scarcely one-quarter of all of a 160 mass sharpened incidents took place in a propagandize or educational institution, according to a FBI. Meanwhile, schools have taken measures toward gun control on campuses, including installing steel detectors, outfitting classrooms with shatterproof windows, and employing some-more monitors to keep an eye on common areas and questionable activity. Even after a fatal sharpened of 17 people during Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Feb 2018, sales of products like bulletproof doors and windows surged. But all that confidence might not be enough—some relatives have motionless to outfit their children with bulletproof backpacks, as well.

Several manufacturers make bulletproof backpacks meant to strengthen opposite shotgun and handgun bullets. Florida-based Guard Dog Security specializes in non-lethal personal confidence and self-defense products. Guard Dog President Yasir Sheikh says “demand has really left up” in new years, and says that sales mostly boost after a propagandize or mass shooting. This summer, he says, Guard Dog has seen serve sales uptick due to relatives creation a active preference to send their children to propagandize with built-in bag protection.

Guard Dog has partnered with a series of online retailers to make a bulletproof backpacks entire on sell shelves. Walmart.com and Amazon batch a company’s products, as good as brick-and-mortar stores, including Home Depot, that sells Guard Dog Security’s Proshield II bag in a back-to-school reserve for $142. This is a initial year Office Depot is charity a line of bags for sale on a website from $131 adult to $199. The association is also in a final stages of partnering with Bed Bath Beyond to sell a bags, says Sheikh.

To make a bulletproof trek out of a unchanging knapsack, a series of companies offer bulletproof inserts and panels that trip into propagandize bags, including BulletSafe, that sells bulletproof products such as bandanas and vests in varying sizes and styles for humans and canines. BulletSafe’s batch bulletproof trek insert retails for $99.

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