Bridgewater Locals, RVCC Students Donate School Supplies, Help Communities in Nepal

February 10, 2017 - School Supplies

BRIDGEWATER, NJ — Several Raritan Valley Community College students recently had a life-changing knowledge when they trafficked to Nepal to discharge donated propagandize reserve and rivet in village projects.

The students, Amanda Greene (Lebanon), Daniel Hogan (Martinsville), Sebastian Gallic (Warren), Jenna Douglas (Bridgewater), Marcel Gorka (Lebanon), Ryan Galdamez (Bound Brook) and Manuel Ramirez (Bound Brook), are all members of a RVCC Rotaract Club. They trafficked to a South Asian nation Jan 4-17 carrying 250 pounds of propagandize supplies, that they donated to 4 opposite schools in a region.

The reserve had been collected by fundraising efforts during a College in and with a Hunterdon County YMCA aftercare module that’s located during a Whitehouse School.

While in Nepal, a students participated in Rotary village projects that enclosed portrayal benches and walls. In and with a ASHA (Nepali word for “Hope”) project, a students also helped reconstruct homes for people who had mislaid their residences during a harmful 2015 earthquake.

As partial of a trip, a students attended a Rotaract District Conference attended by 70 Rotaract groups from opposite Nepal. They also met with member of Rotary Nepal and other village groups; toured temples, caves and other areas; and hiked a region.

Club member Sebastian Gallic removed an generally noted knowledge assembly dual immature girls in an bankrupt area of Nepal. The immature girls, who did not pronounce many English, were stuffing approximately 20 bottles with uninformed H2O from an outward tap. Watching their efforts, a RVCC students offering to assistance them with their task. Despite a denunciation barriers, Gallic pronounced aiding a girls was “one of a many impactful experiences, only being means to promulgate tellurian to human.”

As members of a College’s Rotaract Club, students are given a event to offer a village and learn about leadership, county rendezvous and obliged citizenship. For additional information about Rotaract during RVCC, hit bar confidant Nemanja (Nik) Nikitovic,

— By Donna Stolzer

(Photo provided: RVCC Rotaract Club members, from left, Jenna Douglas, Sebastian Gallic, Manuel Ramirez, Ryan Galdamez, Marcel Gorka, Dan Hogan and Amanda Greene accumulate outward a Nepalese Rotaract member’s home after have lunch hosted by a family.)

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