Boy starts trek and propagandize reserve expostulate for Fresno Unified students in need

September 1, 2015 - School Supplies

Seven-year-old Zackeria Lovick recently schooled something extraordinary while selling for propagandize reserve with his mom.

As he picked out equipment to use in category as a second-grader during Figarden Elementary School in northwest Fresno, his mom Malarie Silos asked, “What about a kids who can’t means it?”

His response: “Wait, what?!”

That led to a contention and plan. Zackeria would collect backpacks and reserve for a opposite propagandize within Fresno Unified School District any month by May. After that, he hopes to continue collecting equipment over a summer for a back-to-school giveaway subsequent fall.

I’m really unapproachable of him for meditative over himself.

Malarie Silos, mom of Zackeria Lovick

He gave divided his initial 17 packs pressed with reserve for children in need on Monday afternoon during Del Mar Elementary in executive Fresno.

“I only wish to assistance kids so that they have all they need,” Zackeria said.

Nine-year-old Katrina Haemkeo was among a tiny organisation of students from initial by fifth class who met with Zackeria during Del Mar. She was vehement and astounded to accept a new black trek with supplies. She thinks what Zackeria did is “really cool.”

Del Mar Principal Nicole Woods agrees.

“I consider it’s good for a students, obviously, to accept something so wonderful, though also for them to see someone their age entertainment and giving over themselves,” Woods said. “It might enthuse a possess students to do something similar. … It’s only a certain approach to start a propagandize year.”

A certificate of approval from Fresno City Council Member Esmeralda Soria also was presented to Zackeria, job him an “inspiration to a girl in a community!”

Zackeria is now operative to collect some-more equipment so he can give to students during another school, that hasn’t been selected yet. His mom is unapproachable of his unrestrained for a plan and initiative.

“He’s kind of been holding over, that is fun to see.”

How to help

To present to Zackeria’s School Supply Drive:

▪ Call 559-577-5448 to arrange a donation

▪ Drop off reserve during Studio 614, 614 E. Weldon Ave. opposite from Fresno High School, by job forward to 559-930-8181

▪ Drop off reserve during Figarden Elementary School, 6235 N. Brawley Ave., Fresno during unchanging propagandize hours

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