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May 21, 2017 - School Supplies


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It was a prominence of a Mays of my childhood, that annual outing to National Book Store usually before another propagandize year starts. Armed with lists of things we indispensable to buy, my parents, hermit and we would navigate a bookstore’s aisles, weaving by crowds of families dynamic to accomplish a same task.

The changes in a essence of my transport reflected my educational growth. The pad paper with red and blue lines became middle pads, a pencils became ballpens, a Advance notebooks gave approach to Corona turn notebooks and eventually became Mead 5 Subject notebooks once we strike college and had a leisure to select what we wanted to write in.

It was some-more than usually shopping. The bags and bags of uninformed supplies—books, folders, envelopes, highlighters, colored pens, art materials, all kinds of paper—signaled a uninformed start, a possibility to do better.

I remember using my hands by a frail pages of my new notebooks (a feeling we still suffer today), shaken and vehement about what a year had in store for me.

It’s a feeling Xandra Ramos-Padilla, National Book Store’s Managing Director, knows too well. Socorro Ramos, who founded National Book Store with her father 75 years ago, would move Xandra and her other grandchildren to one of a bookstore’s branches for back-to-school shopping. “My Lola would provide us. We’d customarily go to a Greenhills store,” Xandra said.

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National Book Store’s Managing Director Xandra Ramos-Padilla

Now that she’s a mom, Xandra enjoys a tradition with her children. “Like many parents, we wish to make my kids feel vehement for a new propagandize year. we safeguard that back-to-school offered would be a noted knowledge for my kids. It’s some-more than usually carrying new propagandize supplies, it’s about training new things, assembly new friends, and finding new passions and interests. That’s since when we shop, we don’t usually buy what’s compulsory in school, we go over a checklist and demeanour for materials that will element their training journey. “

This year, Xandra and her kids did their back-to-school offered during National Book Store in Shangri-La Mall. “My son stranded to his checklist though my daughter had a lot of incentive items. She wanted all a colors of Sarasa pens in 0.3, some Pilot Frixion pens, several pouches. We got Maruman notebooks and she also got a Grab Go packs, Project Kits and a cover packs. My son got a Cars pencil box and we got them lunch boxes too. we got a Star Wars one for my son and a princess bento box for my daughter.”

Easy and convenient

Xandra knows a hurdles relatives and students face during back-to-school deteriorate so she and her group of merchandisers worked tough on creation offered as easy and as stress-free as probable for their customers. “We’ve unequivocally done National Book Store a one-stop back-to-school shop. Everything is here. We wish to give a business a best offered experience, so we have prepared good deals and offers for them. For a bill conscious, we have Low Price Deals. These are equipment during usually P20, P50, or P100 each. There are also Budget Bundles where we get assets or freebies, and Grab Go packs that enclose all a well-loved brands of propagandize supplies. These make offered easier since they don’t usually assistance we save money, though time too. We have also organised a stores to emanate available spaces where back-to-school shoppers can find what they’re looking for easily.”

These good deals are a large strike with moms who like scheming for propagandize supply emergencies. “More and some-more moms batch adult during home, they unequivocally build their possess supply boxes. That’s since we sell Budget Bundles, so we can assistance we devise ahead.”

There are options to fit all kinds of budget. “If we wish to provide yourself or your kids, we also have general brands like Caran d’Ache, Blackwing, Online and Kate Spade New York that offer singular propagandize reserve during permitted prices.”

National Book Store doesn’t usually offer books and propagandize supplies. “We go over that, with all of a equipment kids need to learn and grow over a classrooms – all from fun accessories, personal care, products and initial assist kits. We are charity business everywhere a finish back-to-school offered experience.”

Shoppers can suffer promos and freebies too. “You can get a trek for usually P100 with each P500 purchase. You can select from 5 colors. And for each P1,000 purchase, you’ll get a accessible receptacle bag for free. These have been National Book Store’s yearly back-to-school offer and a business always demeanour brazen to them.”

National Book Store has over 220 branches nationwide, creation it easy for people to find a store nearby them. “Anywhere a business are, they can find us. We also offer online offered around a website ( and a smoothness hotline (8888 NBS), so that people who don’t have a time to revisit a stores can still emporium during NBS. We offer forlorn convenience, budget-friendly options, and a glorious preference of items.”

For Xandra and her group during National Book Store, it’s some-more than usually about selling. It’s assisting supply era after era with collection for learning. “If you’re not certain what propagandize reserve to get, we can find extensive and useful checklists on a website or pronounce to a patron use specialists on a smoothness hotline. Back-to-school deteriorate is not usually for your kids. It’s an knowledge to be common by a whole family. Visit National Book Store currently and suffer a unconstrained discoveries watchful for you.”

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