Backpack Index: The Cost of School Supplies Nearly Doubled in 10 Years

June 27, 2017 - School Supplies

The cost of lifting a child has decreased slightly, though it’s a opposite story for their propagandize supplies. They’ve gotten usually some-more costly given 2007.

In a final decade, a cost of reserve and extracurricular activities increasing by 88 percent for facile propagandize students, 81 percent for center propagandize students and 68 percent for high propagandize students, according to a latest Huntington Backpack Index, an annual consult of a cost of propagandize reserve and other losses gathered by The Huntington National Bank and propagandize support nonprofit Communities in Schools.

The index, now in a 10th year, marks a costs of compulsory classroom reserve and propagandize fees that relatives have to pay, in an bid to uncover that open propagandize costs some-more than only what’s assessed in taxes. It’s one of a few total that marks a cost of propagandize supplies.

Olympians Remember Their Favorite School Supplies

For a “Supporting Our Schools” propagandize reserve and donations drive, we asked Olympians to tell us about their favorite back-to-school items.

(Published Sunday, Jun 25, 2017)

(Disclosure: Communities in Schools is a partner of NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations’ Supporting Our Schools campaign.)

The Backpack Index was only bashful of $1,500 for high schoolers final year, a many new year available. It was $957 for center schoolers and $659 for facile schoolers.

Meanwhile, lifting a singular child in a United States was projected to set relatives behind between between $12,350 and $13,900 annually, between food, housing, preparation and more. That figure is reduce by several hundred dollars than dual years before, according to a many new U.S. Department of Agriculture “Cost of Raising a Child” reports.

Every propagandize year, teachers send out a list of propagandize reserve and fees that will cover a tyro for a year. Between 2007 and 2016, prices for propagandize reserve rose by an estimated $10, according to a index. If a high propagandize tyro plays some-more than one sport, that’ll catch adult to $375 in fees, an 87.5 percent jump from 2015.

One of each 5 school-age children was vital next a sovereign misery line in 2014, scarcely 11 million children in all, according to U.S. Department of Education data. Many of a students onslaught with a cost of simple propagandize supplies, let alone a cost for propagandize sports, clubs or activities.

“We need to be certain that each child in America comes to propagandize versed for success,” pronounced Dale Erquiaga, boss and CEO of Communities In Schools, in an email. “That’s because we are unapproachable to be operative with NBCUniversal and United Way on a Supporting Our Schools initiative. By enlivening back-to-school shoppers to supplement a few additional reserve to their selling lists or to present online, we can be certain that no tyro starts out behind on a really initial day of school.”