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January 26, 2018 - School Supplies

Chamlian students and AEF volunteers during a School Supply Packing project

Chamlian students and AEF volunteers during a School Supply Packing project

LA CRESCENTA—On Saturday, Jan 20, 28 volunteers from The Armenian Educational Foundation and 16 volunteers from Chamlian Student Council attended Armenian Educational Foundation’s 10th Annual School Supply Project (SSP) during Chamlian Armenian School.  The eventuality brought together dual communities dedicated to a educational enrichment and amicable recognition of immature Armenians.

Chamlian Student Council member and School Supply Project Co-President John Baghdassarian explained, “today we have 30 boxes that will be filled with propagandize reserve for 330 students.  We are also make-up essential classroom reserve for a teachers. These boxes will be shipped to a AEF bureau in Armenia, where they will be delivered to 5 schools in Armenia and 13 schools in Artsakh. With a support of AEF and a assistance of Chamlian students, we devise on lifting some-more income to assistance some-more students.  Our idea for 2019 is to container 1,000 backpacks.”

Chamlian Student Council member and Co-President of a School Supply Project Michael Baghdassarian also added, “volunteering for this plan helps my friends and we know a resources confronting students in Armenia and Artsakh.  Every time we put an object in these backpacks we are reminded of a all a privileges we have and take for granted. Students mangle pencils and remove their notebooks all a time, though a disproportion is, there isn’t a Staples circuitously to reinstate these items.  The students who are partial of a SSP plan miss not usually entrance to stores since of their remote plcae though also they miss a means to squeeze new items.  Volunteering currently gives all of us a clarity of compensation and honour since we are means to assistance students, usually like us, get a reserve they need for school.”

The School Supply Project began after a Savadian family visited a encampment propagandize in Armenia.  The family beheld that a students hardly had any simple propagandize reserve and necessities, let alone any humanities and crafts materials to sojourn dynamic to continue their education.

Upon their return, a initial conveyance of propagandize reserve was sent to this school.  When appreciate we letters and appreciation records poured in from this school, with a fun and fad of a students in Armenia reaching a hearts of donors, volunteers, and students in a United States, a plan stretched to a incomparable scale partnering with Armenian Educational Foundation.  Since a initial conveyance in 2007, S.S.P. has delivered backpacks and propagandize reserve to 19,000 students in a many farming and hard-to-reach schools in Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakhk.

AEF’s purpose in collaborating with Chamlian students is to assistance immature Armenians by proffer work, to know not usually a resources confronting students in bankrupt areas of Armenia, though to also feel empowered by their ability to make a certain impact in a lives of other Armenian students who are thousands of miles away.

The Armenian Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization, determined in 1950, with a aim to describe financial assistance to Armenian educational institutions, and to yield financial assistance to students of Armenian parentage.

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