Arizona House Bill Aims To Offset School Supply Cost For Teachers

February 18, 2018 - School Supplies

A check in a Arizona House of Representatives seeks to assistance propagandize teachers keep their classrooms stocked.

House Bill 2373 would extend propagandize districts and licence schools income to give any clergyman $150 to assistance defray a costs of propagandize reserve that teachers bombard out.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kirsten Engel (D-Tucson), pronounced that teachers, on average, spend upwards of $500 on propagandize reserve yearly.

“They’re going to Target and Walmart and Kmart,” Engel said, “and they’re shopping those pencil sharpeners and additional cover paper and construction paper and things we only need to learn a kids simple subjects in school.”

Engel pronounced it would be a comparatively tiny cost to a state to assistance teachers.

“This provides most indispensable assistance to a teachers, and by them, to a kids,” she said.

The check upheld a House Education Committee on Monday. It awaits a Appropriations Committee, before it can make a approach to a House building and to a Senate.

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