Anchorage male runs nonprofit for giveaway propagandize supplies

October 22, 2014 - School Supplies


Some people would call him a Santa Claus of propagandize supplies, though it’s not a pretension Walter Ward wants. As distant as he’s concerned, he’s usually doing his job.

Ward runs a nonprofit that provides giveaway propagandize reserve for low-income schools in Anchorage. He calls it a “Anchorage Teacher’s Store,” though it’s not a store in a normal sense.

Once a month, Ward takes orders from teachers who need supplies, afterwards delivers them for free. Ward says he started a classification 3 years ago after he witnessed a immature mom in a grocery store tell her child she had income for cereal and zero else. Ward says it was right before a propagandize year began, and a child was seeking for supplies. He gave a immature mom some income though wanted to do more.

What started off as only a few Title we schools removing giveaway reserve has now grown into a sum of 11 schools. Ward spends some of his possess income on supplies, though others assistance with fundraising as well. He says churches and people have been generous, though infrequently it’s a challenge.

“I’ve got this propagandize wanting 300 packs of paper, this propagandize wanting 2,000 pencils and we’ve got 10 dollars,” pronounced Ward.

The Anchorage male says he’d adore to enhance a nonprofit into a genuine storefront where teachers could emporium for reserve once a month. But, he says, there would be no income register since all would be free.

Ward is looking during a probable space in a frame mall and lifting income to cover destiny rent.

He says donations can be done during any Wells Fargo bend into a comment called “Anchorage Teacher’s Store.”

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