Amerigroup donates propagandize reserve to Bibb schools

October 25, 2015 - School Supplies

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One medical provider is creation certain several Bibb County Schools’ teachers have a reserve they need to best offer their students.

Amerigroup donated trunks filled with propagandize reserve to schools in a district.

In a digital age where some-more things are clickable, touchable, and on a screen. There’s still an appreciation for sheets of paper — boxes of it, along with other propagandize supplies. 

“More times than we can count, we come out of a possess pockets for reserve for a children,” Robert Shepherd, a clergyman said. 

Teachers during L.H. Williams Elementary School were one of 4 schools in Bibb County selected to get their classrooms’ shelves restocked. 

“We wanted a Title we propagandize and a propagandize that would be in need, and students that would be in need of some-more reserve than not,” Amber Jones, a selling repute with Amerigroup, said. 

Healthcare provider Amerigroup — a village provider with a propagandize district — non-stop it’s mobile teacher’s closet. 

“This income comes out of their pockets and we’re so grateful to have that $500 that we will implement with each classroom clergyman in a building as good as a support staff,” Phyllis Theodore, an partner principal during L.H. Williams, said. 

“It’s rewarding to be in a position to be means to assistance these teachers out. We wish to make certain that we came to a propagandize mid-semester when we know reserve are using out and re-up them with things that they need,” Jones said.

Each clergyman will get a possibility to use some of a income for their classrooms.

“Sometimes people forget that a teachers also need supplies. It’s not inexpensive to buy these supplies,” Jones said. 

An investment educators wish will assistance a subsequent generation. 

“That small bit of income will really go a prolonged way,” Shepherd said. 

Theodore says a propagandize skeleton on stretching that $500 to assistance out as most as possible. 

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