Allentown School District in need of reserve for students

March 3, 2015 - School Supplies


One week after a glow close down Cleveland Elementary School in Allentown, a district is confronting a new challenge.

Officials have figured out where to put a influenced students, though they haven’t been means to redeem all of a materials left inside a burnt building.

“A lot of students and teachers had personal equipment in their desks we haven’t been means to access, such as pens and pencils,” pronounced Tonya Swavely, principal.

The district used bill income to squeeze simple propagandize reserve for a first, second, and third graders now in classrooms during Mosser Elementary School and fourth and fifth graders temporarily during Roosevelet Elementary School.

According to district officials, however, that supply competence need some replenishing

“They do have things to get them started, but we could always use some-more pencils, combination notebooks and paper. Down a line we could use, that would be useful to have,” Swavely said.

They could also use tissues and hand sanitizer.  Items can be forsaken off during Mosser or Roosevelt facile schools.

Cleveland is approaching to free in about 8 weeks. The propagandize was sealed final Tuesday after an electrical glow in a clergyman credentials room, officials said.

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