Algeria sends 20 tons of propagandize reserve to Gaza’s children

October 22, 2014 - School Supplies

Algeria dispatched on Monday 20 tons of propagandize reserve to a children of Gaza, with a assist carried on a troops load craft that was headed towards Al-Ismailia airfield in Egypt, Anadolu news agency reported.

According to Anadolu, Algerian state radio asserted that: “A troops load craft has taken off on Monday from a airfield in Boufarik, south of a collateral in Blida, towards a airfield of Al-Ismailia in northeast Egypt. It has been installed with about 20 tons of propagandize reserve for a advantage of a children of Gaza in assigned Palestine by an beginning organized by a Union of Algerian Doctors.”

President of a government’s Union of Algerian Doctors Gamal Weld Abbas explained that: “This is a initial collection of aid, that includes 150,000 copybooks and academician notebooks. Other assist deliveries will follow to strech one million copybooks and academician notebooks,” adding that, “this will be carried out in coordination with a Palestinian authorities.”

Abbas also remarkable “another attempt that is being prepared for that has to do with providing psychological support to a children of Gaza by Algerians specialists and psychologists, generally after a fear that these children have lived underneath during a new Zionist aggression,” but naming a date for a depart of a delegation.

The Rafah limit channel between Egypt and Gaza has remained semi-closed given a latest war, with Egypt refusing entrance to many assist convoys that wish to pass.


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