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November 8, 2017 - School Supplies

As congressional Republicans surveillance a advantages of their party’s taxation proposal, Democratic lawmakers are perplexing to collect a check apart, sustenance by provision.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., took aim during one specific component of a check that is of seductiveness to many K-12 teachers.

“Teachers spend $1.6 BILLION per year on propagandize supplies. The Republican taxation check ELIMINATES their ability to concede those expenses,” Feinstein tweeted on Nov. 6.


She’s referring to a provision in a taxation formula that allows teachers to concede eligible, unreimbursed classroom spending adult to $250. The sustenance was expanded and done permanent in Dec 2015.

The taxation check denounced by House Republicans would have scrapped a deduction.

Feinstein’s twitter was retweeted during slightest 26,000 times, and perceived during slightest 34,000 likes.

The California Democrat has a indicate in her tweet, yet we found dual elements of it that are estimable of some caution.

The $1.6 billion figure stems from a investigate by a National School Supply and Equipment Association. The study found that “on average, teachers reported spending about $149 of their possess income on propagandize supplies, $198 on enlightening materials, and $138 on other classroom materials for a sum of $485 in a 2012-2013 propagandize year.”

Note a time frame: The investigate goes behind 5 years.

To be fair, there has been at slightest one some-more new survey along these lines, from 2016 by a organisation called AdoptAClassroom.org. This investigate offers a aloft figure for out-of-pocket classroom spending by teachers — $600 a year.

But if Feinstein had used a $600 figure, she would worsened a second, and some-more significant, problem with her tweet.

As we remarkable above, a extent for deducting unreimbursed classroom expenditures is $250 per teacher. So of that $485 spent out-of-pocket by a normal teacher, $235 would not be deductible. (Teachers who itemize also can concede some-more than that, though usually if a out-of-pocket amounts are generally large, definition few would validate to do so.)

If we adjust a calculation to take that into account, a estimate value of a mislaid reduction would be $825 million, not a $1.6 billion Feinstein cited in her tweet.

Feinstein’s bureau pronounced they sent out a successive twitter that supposing some some-more specificity. That tweet said, “The normal clergyman spends $500 per year on propagandize supplies. Republican devise says they can’t concede even $250 from their taxation bill. Terrible!”


For what it’s worth, that twitter sent about 3 hours after captivated usually a fragment of a courtesy a progressing twitter perceived — 4,600 retweets and 8,600 likes.

Finally, we should note that a $825 million figure is a limit volume that could theoretically be deducted. In reality, not each clergyman who qualifies for this reduction takes advantage of it, for whatever reason.

The Treasury Department estimates that in taxation year 2016, a classroom responsibility reduction reduced sovereign taxation income by $210 million. That creates Feinstein’s $1.6 billion figure even some-more overstated. 

Feinstein tweeted, “Teachers spend $1.6 BILLION per year on propagandize supplies. The Republican taxation check ELIMINATES their ability to concede those expenses.”

She has a indicate that a GOP devise would get absolved of a existent reduction for out-of-pocket classroom losses for teachers. But a twitter overstates a value of a reduction in dual ways — first, since usually a apportionment of that volume can indeed be deducted underneath a law, and second, because not all teachers use a deduction.

We rate a matter Half True.

CORRECTION, Nov. 7, 2017, 7:30 p.m.: After this essay was published, several readers sensitive us that teachers do not have to itemize to advantage from this deduction. Any competent clergyman can revoke their taxable income by $250 off a top, either they itemize or not. Some teachers with really vast out-of-pocket losses might be means to concede additional amounts if they itemize. We have altered a essay to simulate this. The rating stays a same.

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