13-Year-Old Collecting School Supplies For Teachers, Students Impacted By Tornado

April 19, 2018 - School Supplies

GREENSBORO, N.C. — An eighth grader in Guilford County has done it her idea to get hurricane victims a propagandize reserve they need when they lapse to a classroom.

“I wish it brings hope,” Chase Clark, 13, explained. “That they know that someone still cares and if we can make one child grin afterwards that’s my goal.”

Students and teachers during Erwin Montessori, Hampton Elementary, and Peeler Elementary will be starting during new schools Monday. The hurricane exceedingly shop-worn their propagandize buildings.

“They don’t have any of a reserve they need. They were destroyed,” Clark said. “And it could’ve been us.”

Clark, who goes to a adjacent school, has motionless to horde a propagandize supply expostulate to help.

“On a personal level, it was about a teachers who have helped me along a way,” she said.

The donations will batch dull shelves during a Guilford Education Alliance warehouse, where teachers can collect adult giveaway supplies.

“I’ve cried given Sunday night and it’s only extraordinary to come in and get it all and it’s no limit,” Teacher Ykela Perry pronounced as she collected reserve for her classroom.

Clark posted about a expostulate on Facebook. She asks anyone who wants to present to summary her on her page.

“I consider it’s everyone’s shortcoming to give behind to them. Because we have to lay and comprehend it could’ve been you,” Clark said.

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